David Arnson
Will Beifuss
John Beresford
Susan Blackmore
Richard G. Boire
Markus Berger
Erik Davis
Jim DeKorne
Rick Doblin
Earth Erowid
Fire Erowid
Francesco Festi
Jay C. Fikes
Robert Forman
H.R. Giger
Elizabeth Gips
Peter Gorman
Charles S. Grob
Jon Hanna
Casey Hardison
Mark Hoffman
Albert Hofmann
Ernst Jünger
Sandra Karpetas
Gwyllm Llwydd
Thomas Lyttle
Leah Martin
Mark McCloud
Terence McKenna
Dan Merkur
Jean Millay
J.P. Morgan
James Oroc
Jonathan Ott
Dale Pendell
Will Penna
Mark Pesce
Thomas Riedlinger
René Rikkelman
Giorgio Samorini
Nick Sand
Zoe Seven
Andrew Sewell
Alexander Shulgin
Ann Shulgin
Daniel Siebert
Otto Snow
Myron Stolaroff
Rick Strassman
R. Stuart
Benjamin Thomas
Sylvia Thyssen
Donna Torres
Keeper Trout
D.M. Turner
Leander Valdés III
R. Gordon Wasson
and many others

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The Entheogen Review was published from 1992 through 2008.*

The Journal of Unauthorized Research
on Visionary Plants and Drugs

The Entheogen Review was a quarterly publication that served as a clearinghouse for data about the use of visionary plants and drugs. All communications were kept in the strictest confidence; unless otherwise requested, published material was identified only by the author's initials and state of residence. The mailing list was not for sale, rent, or loan.

Think of The Entheogen Review as a network newsletter; the voice of a community of subscribers seeking and sharing information on the cultivation, extraction, and ritual use of entheogens. Subjective results experienced by readers were published too. The Entheogen Review published the latest, most accurate, and novel data possible on these and related topics. Edited by David Aardvark, K. Trout, and E.V. Love.


The Entheogen Review, Complete

All 57 issues published as PDFs on a CD,
at a great price!

If purchased in printed form, this collection of issues would have cost $335 (USA), or over $450 (foreign). The disc is only $40, postpaid! Plus each disc contains BONUS MATERIAL that includes the following books:

Ayahuasca Analogues
& Plant-based Tryptamines

Salvia Divinorum & Salvinorin A

Psychedelic Resource List (4.5)


The Ethnopharmacologic Search
for Psychoactive Drugs



And check out the following important articles:

"Halperngate" (Vernal Equinox 2006 issue)

This article exposes the public outing of John Halpern as a DEA snitch in the LSD trial of William Leonard Pickard and Clyde Apperson. As Halpern is a MAPS-supported psychedelic researcher, Rick Doblin responds at the end of the article, explaining his reasons for working with Halpern.

"Halperngate II" (Summer Solstice 2006 issue)

Dr. John Beresford comments on the John Halpern snitch scandal, and then provides the thoughts of a half-dozen Drug War prisoners related to the ethics of snitching.

"The Bad Shaman Meets the Wayward Doc"

This article presents Erik Davis' thoughts on how John Halpern's actions affected his friend Alfred Savinelli. (This article, related to the two mentioned above, was published by Tripzine.com.)

"Bogus Kratom Market Exposed" (Vernal Equinox 2003 issue)

This article reveals how the entheobotanical market was flooded with misidentifed "kratom."


ER took a year off of publishing from Fall 2004 through Summer 2005. ER also took the year 2007 off from publishing. During both of these periods, subscriptions were extended by a year.